The Pros And Cons Of Concentrated Animal Feeding

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is the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs that could be potentially lost if society began boycotting fishing companies. Lisa A. Kirby writes, “While crab fishing is dangerous, it is also essentially blue collar. The men aboard the crab vessels are working class, struggling with intense physical labor and hoping for the big haul.” If there were labeling on food informing consumers how many animals were killed to bring the desired animal to the plate would consumers still support these fishing companies?
Concentrated Animal Feeding, another term for factory farming, was created by the Environmental Protection Agency. The purpose of this creation was to protect themselves because every farm under this organization harms animals in ways that
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A downer is an animal that collapses from poo health and unable to stand back up. Although some downed animals can be terminally ill the majority often require just hydration and rest, but instead farmers condone their slow and painful death. On estimation there are about 200,000 downed cows that die every year. In the majority of America’s states it is legal and common to let downers die of exposure over a span of a few days or toss live downers into dumpsters to die. In upper state New York, specifically Watkins Glen, a farm called Farm Sanctuary exists. Contrary to the name, animals are neither grown or raise, it is simply a safe haven for rescued…show more content…
Both these farm methods share a concern: the ratio of edible substance an animal can produce in relation to the amount of food an animal is fed. The factor that differentiates them however is the different lengths to which these arms will go to increase profit. Many factory farmers will put mature chickens into a barn with little to no light and minimize their diet, almost to starvation for two to three weeks at a time. After that time period the factory will turn the lights back on for sixteen hours a day with a high protein diet. The change in stimuli makes the chicken believe it is spring, and in consequence, lays eggs. Chickens and turkeys lay two or even three times the eggs than they would if in nature. After the first year of inhumane egg produce, those chickens are killed because the amount of eggs they produce each year gets fewer. These practices are why poultry meat is substantially cheaper than other meat, but at the cost of animal
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