Concussions In Sports Research Paper

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Wamn! A player just kicked the ball into the goal, Some think competitive sports are bad while others think it’s good. It’s clear that overall competitive sports is a hot topic. It’s clear that the negative overlooks the positive because of 3 main reasons concussions, injuries, and mental reasons. First off sports can cause concussions, nearly 300,000 concussions occur a year. Second nearly 25% of people who get concussions are not given medical assistance. Lastly sports injuries are the most common way of getting a concussion. (Sources Paul Hornung Sues the Helmet Maker Riddell Over Concussions Belson July 7th 2016) Another reason competitive sports are not good for you is because you can get injured not just from concussions but serious…show more content…
Also cutting makes kids not exercise instead of an active kid playing sports, from the child being cut their more likely to be watching television. In addition cutting teaches kids anti social skill behavior such as aggression, having conversations, and more likely to become violent. According to Brooke De Lench the director from momsTEAM stated ” In a cruel irony, the children who are cut, as the least skilled and the ones with the least self-confidence, are the very children who would benefit most from continued participation in an activity where they can learn such skills as a good work ethic and cooperation with a group of peers towards a common goal. Failure does not build self-esteem.” Getting Cut From A Sports Team Brooke De Lench N.D para 1 Which means the kids who don’t make a team could really help them learn certain social
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