The Pros And Cons Of Concussions In Sports

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Wamn! A player just kicked the ball into the goal, Some think competitive sports are bad while others think it’s good. It’s clear that overall competitive sports is a hot topic. It’s clear that the negative overlooks the positive because of 3 main reasons concussions, injuries, and mental reasons.

First off sports can cause concussions, nearly 300,000 concussions occur a year. Second nearly 25% of people who get concussions are not given medical assistance. Lastly sports injuries are the most common way of getting a concussion. (Sources Paul Hornung Sues the Helmet Maker Riddell Over Concussions Belson July 7th 2016)

Another reason competitive sports are not good for you is because you can get injured not just from concussions but serious problems, you know a hockey player almost got decapitated in a hockey game cnrjnxn december 9th 2006 video file from For example over 3.5 million injuries occur in sports every year which can cause less participation for the team. Also more than 775,000 kids under the age of 14 are put into the emergency room for sport related injuries. In addition 62% of sport injuries occur during practice. Here are 2009 injuries from Stanford Children 's Health a children’s hospital in California
Basketball. More than 170,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for basketball-related injuries.
Baseball and softball. Nearly 110,000

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