Concussions In Professional Football

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“Hike,” the ball moves and two lines crumple into each other, both trying to obtain the upper hand as they churn their feet and push with final reserves of strength. In 1920, the American National Football League began, and injuries have been a part of the game since the start. However, significant, life-altering harm from the repetitive crashes into others with massive amounts of both size and speed, has become an epidemic in recent years. What used to be considered just a good knock on the head that “rang his bell,” is today of serious concern and will quickly be followed by extensive concussion tests. Physical injuries affecting players during professional football should not keep adults from watching since fans experience communal feelings,…show more content…
"Thousands cheering the synchrony from their seats or sofas can really make you feel like a part of something" (NFL). This "something" is a community, a widespread belief that the collective support and appreciation for national football is such a unitary force that divisions between anything other than favorite teams cease to hold any influence. Viewers in the stadium, in a restaurant, or on the street, are provided a medium through which they have a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. Fans want to see their team succeed, and the sport provides a healthy bucket within which viewers can pour their support and wants, all to see victory at the highest of echelons. Football also represents and acts as a reliable distraction from the problems faced by millions of Americans in their daily lives. They are concentrating on the amicable competitiveness that team rivalries allow, creating fun contests for viewers. Not only is football good for the viewer, it is highly effective as a way to teach the youth, adolescents and young adults are taught valuable lessons that can be applied to any profession, regardless of physicality. These lessons are in subjects of legitimate necessity, such as persistence, teamwork, and conscientiousness, all of which should not be denied the ability to reach…show more content…
“Concussion used to refer only to people who were knocked unconscious or who suffered amnesia and confusion. Under new guidelines, a mild or Grade 1 concussion…a moderate Grade 2 concussion…and a severe or Grade 3 concussion...” (Press). It is detrimental both physical and mental health to continue smashing into another individual for an hour at a time, hundreds of hits over several weeks. If we are to ensure that football improves the conditions and protections surrounding players with regards to harm then we have the obligations to ensure in some way that these changes are enacted. It is currently of common knowledge that the National Football League is participating in the improvements and advancements of technological and psychological methods with which to better protect players, it is therefore not an indiscretion within our responsibilities to view the NFL. If the NFL were not attempting to sway and minimize injury and abuse for the ultimate betterment of players, then viewership would decline. Pioneering within the technologies and protections has been well publicized, and league action has prevented a negative fan reaction to the harm of players. Injury or its potential is now met with immediate and unrelenting sidelining and subsequent evaluation
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