The Pros And Cons Of Conquering Native Americans

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Humans have been fighting wars and conquering each other since they set foot on this world. We fight like dogs and cats, taking each other's wealth, land, and power, yet we still say it is wrong to take something away from someone. Why is it wrong for the Americans to take the Native American's land when the Native Americans take other people's lands too? Whether the land is yours or not depends solely on how strong your army is and how large your land is. If Whites developed more advanced weaponry, better battle strategies, and were more determined than the Native people already on the land, then the land they take belongs to them. If the Native Americans are allowed to conquer other Native American tribes than America can conquer the Native Americans. Nations conquering other nations is not new at all it has been happening for centuries. The Roman Empire conquered many, England conquered India and a lot of North America, Spain conquered a lot of South American and a lot of North America and these are just a few of the many, many times a country has conquered an…show more content…
The theory states that the most adapted animals will survive. In the context of animals "fittest" doesn't have to mean strongest, but when it comes to armies or empires "fittest" is defined as strongest and biggest. The native Americans were actually quite weak when in came to advanced weaponry and effective battle strategies. Sadly, like Anne Frank said in the Diary of Frank “The weak die out, and the strong will survive, and live on forever.” The Americans actually did the Native Americans a favor by conquering them. The Native Americans would have definitely either died out if the U.S. didn't do anything. America was actually offering the native Americans a chance to become white citizens. The only reason the Native Americans suffered was because they were a little stubborn and didn't want to try and
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