Disadvantages Of Cousin Marriages

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What are consanguineous marriages? A consanguineous marriage is defined as the union of two persons of the same family, specifically between the cousins or among the more distant relatives. It is one of the most important forms of marriage in Arab societies. This type of marriage is practiced in communities with high consanguinity rates and it is up to 60% or more in these societies (Melissa,2014.). Also, there are some reasons why these communities prefer this type of marriage because they think this marriage is successful and stable due to the higher agreement between husband and wife who share the same social relationships after marriage as before marriage, as well as the compatibility between the couple and other family members (Khan,2011). It is said many of the times that cousin marriage should never happen or…show more content…
(BALASUBRAMANIAN, 2013). In current western culture, wedding your cousin isn 't well accepted. Through a mix of old preferences and present-day customary way of thinking about acquired birth break out, first cousin marriage is seen by numerous as excessively risky, and a terrible thought in the event that you need children. However, first cousin marriage is significantly more typical, and far less unsafe, than a significant number of us have been persuaded, as you 'll soon observe. Further, in the event that you incorporate second cousins in the mixture, as per the Clinical Genetics Handbook, the expanded dangers concerning having kids are almost non-existent in this situation contrasted and non-cousin marriage. While there have been cases of the forbidding of marriage between cousins at different focuses through history, for example, the Roman Catholics restricting the training for a period beginning with the Council of Agde in 506 AD, generally marriage among cousins has been famous insofar as individuals have been getting hitched. Truth be told, it is assessed that
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