The Pros And Cons Of Conservatism

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WHAT IS CONSERVATISM? In the world today, and throughout recent history, conservatism has been an important part of political ideologies. The word, conservatism comes from the Latin alphabet and it means to guard and embowering. But in politics, there is no exact explanation for conservatism. Mostly depends on what is considered traditional. According to Philip E. Agre, conservatism is “the domination of society by an aristocracy.” ("What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?" n.d.) And according to John Kekes, conservatism is a “political morality”. ("John Kekes - What is Conservatism? - Utopia Online Library," n.d.) Conservatism has different versions, because there is no agreement between politicians. Conservative people usually defends what they oppose and the best information they have about is for oppose, but when it comes to what they are for, it is a blank space, they forget about their actual purpose while understanding the oppose. Therefore, a fixed system of ideas wouldn’t be enough the describe conservatism, so it is hard to tie down conservatism with any kind of fixed systems. The idea was first established after the French Revolution against liberalism, for the ones who were frightened by the violence of the revolution. It was mainly resisting the pressures of other ideologies such as liberalism, socialism and nationalism, because conservatism was more traditional comparing to these ideologies. In Latin Europe, Joseph de Maistre and Louis de Bonald
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