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What is web security testing? First, we understand the definition of WEB. Web is a platform where we can share our views, review our applications with anyone. Hence, web is a PUBLIC platform. Web is widely known as the Internet. Internet is a medium through which information can be viewed, reviewed and used either in a positive or a negative way. As everyone has an access to the information, there is a threat of misusing the data or sources available. A person can modify anyone’s data leading to unauthorized access and huge loss or damage; hence there is a need to secure the system thereby preventing the increasing cybercrimes. Now the question arises how to verify whether the security provided is accurate, adequate and correct? For this purpose, we decide on various…show more content…
 Testing should always be done in separate testing environment.
 Cookie testing should be done.
Small information stored in test file on user’s hardware by web server is called as cookie. This information is used by web browser to retrieve information. Generally, cookie contains personalized user data i.e. used to communicate between different pages. Cookies are user’s identity and used to track where the user navigated throughout the website pages. Cookies are stored by default on “C:/documents and settings/default user/cookies”.
5.1 Web security application testing has covered areas wherein the application loopholes and configuration errors are prevented and corrected. Web application testing provides advice on data that could have been exposed due to past errors thereby testing for vulnerabilities. It reduces the risk of attack. Web testing also provides us with debug and prevention of backdoor options.
We need to protect our system and applications from the instrusions present. For this, we must follow certain rules -
1.) Monitoring is an essential part of an intrusion resilient data. We must keep a check and monitor our applications from time to

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