The Pros And Cons Of Corn Ethanol Fuel

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INTRODUCTION For the past decades, the U.S. has been relying on the foreign countries for energy resources. As the country’s population increases rapidly, the country as a whole uses up more energy. In this situation, continually relying on foreign countries will only weaken this country. Corn ethanol fuel is an idea and a thought which the government thinks of to solve this situation. According to the Hahn and Cecot’s research, the production of corn ethanol is expected to increase by a large amount due to all the new energy policies that the government sets (Hahn and Cecot 275-276). The rise of the ethanol production will help the U.S. government reduces the risks that could possibly cause by the trading, currency issue, and lack of supply with the other countries (Somma, Lobkowicz, and Deason 373). The ethanol technology has secured the energy resources, promote growth in the…show more content…
They all have proved that there are pros and cons of this new energy project. There are almost equal amount of advantages and disadvantages that have been proven so far. At the same time while considering corn ethanol fuel would be a perfect replacement due to the higher price of gasoline (Waage 794), issues like corn ethanol’s low performance level and availability would start to appear and convince people that biofuel is not the best candidate to substitute gasoline (Somma, Lobkowicz, and Deason 376). Furthermore, assuming health being the first concern of the public and whether or not thy will support this new energy innovation, producing corn ethanol has caused a greater negative impact to human’s health than what gasoline will impact human’s health. Therefore, instead of spending all the time just on how to push the ethanol production forward, the government should also start looking for an alternative energy resource other than ethanol and
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