Corporal Punishment Should Be Allowed In Schools

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“I believe it worked.” Mentioned a student from the Texas school district. “It was an immediate response for me. I knew that if i got in trouble with a teacher or if I was disrespectful, whatever the infraction was, I knew I was going to get a swat by the principle.” (Alvarado). Corporal punishment, also known as paddling, began back in the 1800s for the disobedience of kids. Paddlings now only occur in 19 states across the country. If school paddlings still existed in all schools the punishment could get rid of the disobedience that is taking place. Disobedience is taking place in children and even young adults everywhere across the country. It’s in schools, daycares, and even right there at home right before our eyes! Paddlings replacing suspension prevents students from being expelled from schools. If students were being spanked in schools there would be no reason to expel, because they have learned their lesson from…show more content…
If all schools had corporal punishment, then the students of America would show better attitudes, have more common sense, and even do right by adults. Corporal punishment can teach the students of America how to do right amongst others and how not to do wrong amongst others. According to, “These studies offer evidence of spanking’s effectiveness in changing behavior problems”. Being that this study shows changings in behavior problems, then we could incorporate this punishment in schools to change behavior problems of students in schools across the country. When students do wrongs like cursing, being disobedient, not showing respect, or doing other things that are not liable in schools principals, teachers, or other staff members should have the right to spank the students of the school and more than likely these kids would not do wrong by adults anymore and from now on they would know the right things to do, or else the paddling would take
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