The Pros And Cons Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Tesco

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According to Tingchi Liu (2014), the disadvantages of corporate social responsibility in the company are associated to the world’s development in order to save society from the environmental and economic issues. It is examined that NGO’s and government co-operation produce the better ways to solve corporate social responsibility issues and put the pressure on Tesco in order to integrate its CSR objectives and initiatives. Another disadvantage of CSR is a new policy that has been implemented by the company in order to take part in something new for the business. It can be said that CSR policies of the company have to pay for new training for staff, invest in effective waste systems with new marketing and new technology strategies. According to Vazquez-Carrasco and Lopez-Perez (2013), the stakeholder’s expectations are one of the disadvantages for the company because of the investment of them in the business. The company consider the social requirements of business and reduce the investment of stakeholders in order to invest completely elsewhere. 4.2. Corporate Social Responsibility Techniques in Tesco The techniques associated to corporate social responsibility states that approaching CSR was not really considered as doing the employment but was fragmented. The CSR activity was not measured by commercial and social impact that employed inspired to. Therefore, the employees in the company took a long in identifying how and when to move on to reframe. According to
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