The Pros And Cons Of Corranged Marriages

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In China, arranged marriages were very common until the 18th century. This kind of marriage was a negotiation and decision between parents or other elder members of the two families. The children would have no other choice but to passively accept arranged marriages. In the past, the divorce rate was really low. But as time passed, more and more people advocated romantic love, choosing one's own partner began to replace arranged marriage as a social ideal. However, under the love-based marriage, quarrels between couples arise more easily and it has led to more divorce compare to the past.

In April 1950, the first Marriage Law has abolished the forced marriages and it prescribe the freedom of marriage and monogamy. ‘In 1985, there were only
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When they are in love, they feel that nothing can separate the two of them, once they feel joyful with each other for some times, then the idea of getting married will pop out. However, in a marriage, love is far from what you need, you also need mutual respect, shared goals and compatibility, not just love in maintaining a sustainable, long-lasting relationship. Once they feel bored with the other half, what come next will be a…show more content…
First, this kind of marriage is built on the foundation of love which is a changeable emotion, so it is not strong enough to be everlasting. The second reason is that the couples married based on impulse, later they found that their mates didn’t seem to be the right person. Therefore, you really need to make sure that he/she is the right one before getting married, or you may look for a match-maker who can help you to find the ideal suitor. Love is a long-run relationship, by seeking help from the psychologists of the "Family Harmony" project, couples can solve their marital crisis more easily. Thus, couples are less likely to get divorced and the divorce rate will decline. If the divorce rate remains high, further problems will arise. As the children of divorced parents are more likely to suffer from psychological and behavioral problems, they will have larger chance to get divorce when they grow up, which came out to be a vicious circle. If this keeps on going, the situation will become worse. Therefore, this problem should be solve as soon as
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