The Pros And Cons Of Corruption

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Corruption elimination? Starting from the students Most of all knew what corruption is. Spreading from lower level upon the top level in business practice. From individual, groups even in organizational level, both in government institution, profit organization, even in non profit oriented organization. Many cases were found but still there is another case which published or even not published and it seems the “corruption cases” is getting bigger and bigger from time to time. Corruption already became common language anyway. Many of us are “sicked” but this situation but sometimes we can’t do anything about it. Before we are going any further let us clear what corruption is. There is much definition on corruption but based on, corruption is the abuse of bestowed power or position to acquire a personal benefit. Corruption may include many activities including “bribery” and “embezzlement”. Bribery is the act of giving money, goods or other forms of recompense to a recipient in exchange for an alteration of their behavior that the recipient would otherwise not alter. Embezzlement is an act of dishonestly withholding assets for the purpose of theft to whom the assets were entrusted, either to be held or to be used for specific purpose. Even though government already has a policy regarding corruption and also the sanction to whom who did the corruption activity seems the actor is not afraid even worst. Many institution such Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA,

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