The Pros And Cons Of Counter-Terrorism

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However, these measures do not work in full for the following reasons:
1. There has been a week cooperation between the EU Member States and the special EU institutions (Europol and Eurojust) in this sphere, in particular on the exchange of information and in coordinating the work on joint investigations and operations.

2. There is a general reluctance on the part of States to provide financial assistance and to give up part of their political sovereignty to European counter-terrorism agencies. The consequence of financial constraints is the impossibility of effective formation and maintenance of the functioning of counterterrorism structures and mechanisms at the interstate level. Some EU member states believe that the established European
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On the one hand, the goal of the EU is to form the closest possible union with the removal of borders for the free movement of people, goods and services, which in reality creates extremely favorable conditions for international terrorism. On the other hand, in order to prevent and defeat international terrorism, it is necessary to strengthen cross-border cooperation within the EU itself.
Despite the establishment of institutions and the development of mechanisms for countering terrorism and crime at the EU level, national governments and bilateral cooperation that they carry out will remain the most important and effective actors in counter-terrorism activities.
At the same time, the common counter-terrorism efforts undertaken throughout the EU are also necessary and can lead to the creation of critical early warning mechanisms, threat assessment, and assistance to EU member states in drafting laws and training law enforcement professionals and the judiciary. Moreover, representatives of the EU countries can hold interstate conferences and seminars that can become a platform for the exchange of experience, which would avoid duplication of counter-terrorism efforts and contribute to strengthening international cooperation in combating modern

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