Penfield's Argument For Creationism

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Although evolutionists claim to have the majority of scientific evidence supporting their belief, they omit various pieces of germane evidence that refute their hypothesis of evolution. They overlook indisputable scientific facts that would prove evolution to be a debacle. For example, evolutionists ignore Wilmer Penfield 's discovery that, though the human brain and mind are connected, they are distinct from each other (Strobel, 2004, pg. 263-264). Humanity 's complex consciousness is not seen elsewhere in nature. This is a major problem for evolutionists; as a result, they ignore it. In spite of evolution 's folly, it is the only hypothesis for the universe 's origin that can even hold a candle to creationism in terms of plausibility. Therefore,…show more content…
Consequently, any evidence that contradicts or enervates evolution 's argument strengthens the argument for creation. The fossil record, specifically the Cambrian explosion and the Precambrian period preceding it, is clearly supportive of creationism. To recapitulate, the Cambrian explosion is a period of time where many new and complicated organisms spontaneously appeared in the fossil record. Additionally, there is no fossilized evidence of less complex creatures evolving into these organisms as evolution predicts. Darwin even conceded the lack of transitional fossils posed a problem to his theory. Furthermore, he stated that if such fossils were never found in the future, his theory would be disproven (Miller, 2015, pg. 115). Darwin 's transitional fossils do not exist. Evolutions…show more content…
For the most part, evolutionists seem very certain that the Earth is billions of years old; however, they rarely provide any actual evidence for this claim. When they do, most of their evidence is just bombast meant to sway the hoi polloi to their side. Despite this, when one carefully examines the facts, it becomes clear that the Earth is relatively quite young. Scripture, the most reliable source known to man, asserts that God created the Earth in six literal days (Ham, 1987, pg. 158-159). If everything were created this rapidly, there is no logical explanation for an Earth that has existed for billions of years. One legitimate piece of scientific evidence regarding Earth 's age is found when examining Earth 's magnetic field. Since the end of the flood, the Earth 's magnetic field has decayed at a rate proving the Earth to be no more than 20,000 years old (Miller, 2015, pg. 198). At this age, evolution would have no where near enough time to bring about complex organisms like the ones that exist nowadays. Because of this, creation is the only explanation for complex
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