The Pros And Cons Of Criminal Offenders

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The US faces a very big and real problem that affects mainly repeat criminal offenders. Bail, which is a sum of money paid to a court to guarantee an appearance in court is very often set too high and does not consider current financial circumstances to the fullest. Infact, in New York City alone, one in ten defendants are unable to pay for bail at their arraignment (nytimes). Kenneth Humphrey, a retired 64 year old who had prior substance abuse and multiple felonies, followed a disabled man into his home and threatened him and demanded money, of which he got five dollars and a bottle of cologne (nytimes). His bail was set at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and being a retired shipyard worker, his retirement could not pay out. Due to this he was imprisoned for eight months awaiting trial. Mr. Humphrey, a 64 year old who was not a threat to society, and like most Americans, with a mean salary of $59,039 (Business Insider) and average savings of $95,766 (The Balance) for retirement he could not pay the $350,000 bail to get out. The eighth amendment deals with this very exact issue stating excessive bails and fines shall not be imposed. This is very vague and does not deal with the issue on a case by case basis like this bill can. Many people, more than 730,000 are held in jail who are simply too poor to post bail (CBS News). Being held on bail in jail can get you fired and can ruin relationships because of the length of incarceration despite being found
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