The Pros And Cons Of Cry It Out Methods For Children

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“You are going to spoil that baby!” “That baby needs to leaern to self soothe.” Both of these are common sayings that new mothers often hear. They are both major reasons why some caregivers are choosing to instill and use the “cry it out” method. Letting a baby cry it out means letting a baby calm themselves and learn to make themselves stop crying. This method or parenting choice can cause long term and short term harm to a growing baby. The method goes against basic parentig instincts. A parent has to fight the urge to go get their child when they hear them cry. There is absolutely no way a person can spoil a baby.
Almost all caregivers care and love their child more than life itself. A caregiver wants to do everything to help their child succeed and flourish. Sometimes though, a caregiver questions themselves. This happens especially when a family member or friend tries to give advice. Someone tells the parent that they are going to spoil their child if they answer every cry quickly. As a mom myself I know no one wants that stereotypical, fit throwing, demon like chcild. So the parents listen and after trying the basics they put the child down and walk away. The baby is crying and the parents have to fight every urge telling them to just pick the baby up. A baby cannot communicate with anyone other than crying. They cry when they want comfort, when hungry, when wet, when their stomach is upset, literally all they can do is cry to let their parents know that they need
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