The Pros And Cons Of Culture: What Is Culture?

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Chapter 1 - What is culture?

What is Culture:
All people have a certain culture; people might adapt their culture to those of the people they spend time with. They start doing more things the same way and adapt more to each other’s view on particular subjects. When people have the same moral standards and other acquired characteristics, we say that they have the same culture.

Culture is a guideline for a many people, they do things as the rest does them as well, and people of the same culture often have some influence on each other. Culture is something that you can also adapt to without taking over the whole culture itself. For example, when going on vacation in some places it’s normal to shake hands when you see a person for the first time, while in other places kissing is the standard. When on vacation, after a while you start using their standard, but this isn’t necessary (people may look at you strange for not adapting). Often, when you get home, you
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The reason for this is that they are cheap and are more eager to do dirty and heavy work. They are also used to working for long hours which makes the more productive.
Although there are some pros there are also some cons for the Netherlands when it comes to immigration. If there are too many immigrated people, the country will get overpopulated. This will lead to local problems which will lead to arguments about the living space. Another con is that one particular neighborhood will be full of immigrants because of the low rent prices, which people quickly call a ghetto and/or uncivilized neighborhood. The people who live there will get the feeling that they have been discriminated, which also leads to arguments that we all don’t want. All these pros and cons will lead to some influences on the Dutch culture.

Influences of immigration on the Dutch
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