The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Terrorism

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Globalisation and the rise in technology have contributed to the advancement of terrorism. Internet savvy terrorist go on to create propaganda in the online society, which could result in further recruitment of like-minded individuals. Radicals could be nurtured into terrorist ideologies. One of the recent spades of events that is an ongoing threat to society and government is cyber terrorism. Firstly, Social networking creates a platform for collaboration of individuals through the online societal context. With the new platform such as Facebook and Twitter has given rise to deceit and fraud. New phone applications like Line, WeChat, Whatsapp allows meeting of new friends and strangers. This creates a loophole in the securing of individuals privacy. In the recent cases of fraud, victims are subjected to falling for traps laid out by these scammers. Firstly, an attractive counterpart befriends victims. A promise of a date or sexual services, victims are then asked to purchase credits for online purchases through Alipay. Directions were given to pay through AXS machines located in Singapore. After which a snapshot of pin codes to redeem this purchase are then send to the scammers. Victims do not get a meet up or what they were promised. They are among the 249 men who have fallen for the credit-for-sex scam up to March since it surfaced last year. (Asiaone, 2015) The Singapore Police Force in collaboration with National Crime Prevention Council has come up with educating
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