The Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is a substantial problem in today’s society, particularly targeting the teenage population. Because cyberbullying makes use of the Internet, it can be spread all over the world, affecting more people than you think. Cyberbullying is defined as the act of harassing someone online, usually anonymously (Definition of Cyberbullying). More generally, cyberbullying is a term applied to a wide range of harmful digital and internet behavior. It is intentional and repeated. Cyberbullies share, post, and send negative content to others that is meant to destroy a person’s reputation. Cyberbullying happens through text messaging, social media, pictures, and videos. According to TeenSafe, nearly one in five kids are being or have been cyberbullied (TeenSafe). Cyberbullying is a major problem that can only be solved by educating the world’s population. If we understand the forms of cyberbullying, how it can take place, and how it affects both the bully and the victim, we will be better able to take care of the problem. One out of the many types of cyberbullying is outing. Outing is when the bully shares pictures and personal information that not all people would want to be shared with or showed to anyone else (5 Different Types of Cyberbullying). A person is considered “outed” when the pictures or messages are on the internet through any website or social media. Usually this method is used to embarrass or humiliate that person publicly. Outing can happen in many different
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