Dna Profiling Research Paper

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1. What is DNA?
DNA i.e. Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid is a material in the human body that determines the hereditary traits of a person pertaining to hair colour, eye colour, skin, body structure, viability to diseases etc. DNA is located in the cells of the human body, wrapped in structures called chromosomes. A person inherits is DNA, 50% from his mother and 50% from his father. Any genetic disorder in an individual is usually due to mutations in this DNA. It is an established fact that the each person has a unique strand of DNA provided for certain exceptions like identical twins etc. therefore this process of DNA Profiling can be seen as a useful method of identification with marginal room for error.
1.1. DNA Profiling/Database:
The concept is such that, DNA samples are taken from an individual and it is analysed in a laboratory. Further, based on this analysis,
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History of DNA Profiling Bill:
DNA profiling has been widely used around the world since its development in 1988. About 60 countries have built DNA databases, which mostly consist of DNA data of convicted criminals. Such a database not only helps deter repeat offenders, but also improves the accuracy of matching profiles.
The initiative to draft a Bill regulating the use of DNA samples for crime-related reasons began in 2003, when the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) established a committee known as the DNA Profiling Advisory Committee to make recommendations for the drafting of the DNA profiling Bill 2006, which eventually became the Human DNA Profiling Bill 2007 . The 2007 draft Bill was prepared by the DBT along with the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) . The CDFD is an autonomous institution supported by the DBT. In addition to the CDFD, there are multiple Central Forensic Science Laboratories in India under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Central Bureau of Investigation , along with a number of private labs which analyse DNA samples for crime-related

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