Data Security Research Paper

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Data security is the protective digital privacy actions that are applied to avoid unauthorized admission to computers, websites, and databases. It also protects data from corruption. Data security is essential for every different size and type of organizations in IT. The focus of data security is to confirm privacy while protecting personal or corporate data. Data is the raw form of information stored in our databases, network servers, and personal computers. This might be a wide range of information from personnel files and intellectual property to market analytics and details intended to top secret. However, some of this information not planned to leave the system. The unauthorized admission of the data will cause to several problems for…show more content…
Data privacy
Data privacy is the feature of information technology. It deals with the ability an organization or individual has to decide which data in a computer system can be shared with third parties. Data privacy also is known as information privacy. Data privacy may be practical by several methods, for example, encryption, data masking, and authentication. Each of the ways is trying to make sure that data is only available to the authorized access. These protective ways are preventing the unauthorized use of personal information and data mining which illegal in the
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The internet privacy which is online privacy means that personal data shared over the Internet is subject to privacy issues. Most of the websites publish a privacy policy that specifies the website's intended use of online and offline collected data. For the financial privacy, financial information is specifically sensitive because it could easily use for online or offline fraud. In medical privacy, all medical records are subject to strict laws that address user access privileges. By law, individuals that process and store medical records are often required security and authentication
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