The Pros And Cons Of Daycare

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Everyone is affected greatly by their environment. It contributes to what makes someone who they are. Humans are able to adapt easily in any situation they are put in. Children specifically, have the tendency to do things that they observe. That is why people are often told to “set an example”. Children do not know any better than to do what others do. Everyone mainly base their decisions on what they see around themselves. Work is an employee 's environment that influences their life, just like school would be for a student. Daycare is the same way for children. It contributes to a child 's personality, moral, motives and many more character aspects. Children can learn to be independent, critical thinkers, and obtain communication skills. These children need to be prepared because they are our future generations and these qualities would help them strive. Daycare gives children the opportunity to spend time around their age range. It is a head start before starting school. Starting preschool can be overwhelming for the most part because most kids are used to being at home, but daycare can change that. The first day of school is rough, but daycare can prepare kids for that day. Kids will be comfortable around other kids, and unfamiliar adults. Many people believe that children are impacted negatively by daycare, leaving the question: Is daycare the best option? Children benefit from attending daycare more than home reared kids because their linguistic skills improve, they

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