Death Penalty Is Dissuasive Essay

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Rape, murder, corruption. Those are crimes that need serious and effective punishments, that is why death penalty is the best option, not it is only effective but also deterrent. People will think twice to kill knowing that they could get killed too. Regrettably rate crimes are constantly growing and most governments can 't handle the situation. Except for the ones that have successively applied death sentence.

One of the reasons why death penalty is dissuasive comes from our primitive background. According to Asociación Educar, an international recognized organization specialized on brain study, have concluded that brain is divided in three parts and one of them is based on survival, which examine and reject anything that provoke us fear
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Which have reduced crime rates drastically. Furthermore 54 countries apply death sentence in their legislation thus isn 't weird and no common to see results
Many people argue that death penalty isn 't an effective deterrent because the mind of a criminal doesn 't get affected with anything due to their psychopathic characteristics. Therefore, people would not matter to kill knowing the consequences. And that argument is totally missing the point of death penalty as a deterrent. This measure does not aim to reinstate criminals back to normal social lives, it aims to eliminate criminals that does not do any well to society. Moreover, this people does not consider the facts. China has reduced to half murder rate in their first year of application death penalty.

In conclusion death penalty it is an effective deterrent because due to or primitive characteristics we reject anything that provoke us fear and again, what provoke us fear more than death? The risk that innocent people die under death penalty is extremely low due to legal appellations and has succeeded in most of the 58 countries who apply it as a capital crime. Society has a cancer and it’s our duty to eliminate
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