Abstract Art In 20th Century

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Art that does not depict recognizable object, but made up of forms and colors that exists of there on expressive interest. Decorative art can be describe as abstract but normally the term refers to modern paintings that abandon the traditional European conceptual art as the simulation of nature and make little or no recognition to the external visual world. Abstract art was achieved its classifiable identity in the second decade of the 20th century and as played a major Part in modern art .explore into many different language forms cool geometric precision to bola tie spontaneity .some exponents of such art dislike the abstract art but they prefer to call it easily clumsy, motive non-figurative ,non-representational and non-objective art…show more content…
Abstract expressionism also setup the theoretical ground for high modernism was a state of history in which the artist experimented on form and style and also searched deep into the existential issue pertaining to human life, modernism was the face of intellectuals who ultimately celebrated the human freedom. Art was the only medium expressing their freedom and joy. Abstract expressionism was a purest form of apolitical art of 20th century. Early 20th century western art had shown the tendencies of art moving towards abstraction which the artists thought to be closer to the purest of forms of art like music. Kandinsky was one of the early exponents of abstract art. The Palette of fauves was closer to abstraction but did not explore into a major art form due to lack of presentation and patronage. Most of the post war artists of the west were looking towards the east in order to find a spiritual anchor the peace of eastern religions and the color pallet of the eastern art might have guided them into the paths of abstract art. The origin growth and development of Indian modern abstract art should be seen against the international backdrop. Abstract art became a huge moment in Indian art during the period of 1960 to 1970. Till them Indian artist were over taken between the debates of European academicism and indigenous art practices. By the middle decades of 20th century Indian artist and started themselves into the modernist movements of west. The major schools of abstract art of India: one led by Jagdish Swaminathn and other led by K.C.S Paniker
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