The Pros And Cons Of Democracy In Russia

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Democracy is a political concept and form of the government, where all people are supposed to have equal voices in shaping policy, typically expressed through the vote of the representatives. Historically, the term democracy means “rule by the people” from the Greek demos – “people” and kratos – “rule”. Democracy is exercised as choosing and replacing the government members through the elections, participation of the citizens in politics and civic life, protection of the human rights of the citizens and providing the rule of law, where it is said that all the citizens have equal rights (Shah). Unfortunately, we cannot actually say that democracy is a pure and perfect system because it regularly faces different kinds of problems such as political distrust, corruption, oligarchy, political bureaucracy, discrimination, poor representation, election anomalies as low turnouts and many others. “Is democracy actually in crisis? Are the citizens tired of democracy?” These kinds of questions care not only politicians, but also the citizens. Democracy considered different from a country to other and it is at a major risk, in my paper I am going to discuss the model of democracy in Russia, which is in risk because of many factors. To my mind, there are three the most important ones: distrust in politicians, oligarchy and bureaucracy. It is well known how the Russian democracy is implemented and how the internal and external factors are menacing the stability of its democracy. One of
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