The Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

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At the moment, pursuing a life without technology seems nearly impossible; however, our ancestors may oppose this because they did not heavily rely on technology as the current generations do. Technology has been continually advancing. For example, the first few cell phones were “car phones.” These phones were huge and bulky. Then in 1983, the first portable phone was created. The few cell phones created were only made for making and receiving calls. Eventually, email and text messaging were added to the newest cell phones (Ray). After the internet was introduced to the public, it significantly impacted the world. Phones were made smaller, with a touchscreen. And now, the latest iPhone was generated with the new feature of face recognition. Technology will continue to immensely change the world as time passes. Future generations will rely on technology. While technology is a helpful tool, scientists need to stop using it absurdly to create designer babies.
An example of technological advancement is the tools scientists have created to make designer babies. Designer babies are “children who develop from embryos that are selected or genetically modified in vitro (outside of the human body, usually in a laboratory setting) to ensure that the resulting children possess certain desired characteristics or traits” (“Designer Babies”). When using this technology scientist will be capable of “manipulating the [entire] human genome”, affecting the appearance of future offsprings”
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