The Pros And Cons Of Detention

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Is detention effective or not? Personally in my opinion I believe it’s both effective and not effective. Detention is not something to reward a child with for being disruptive and obnoxious. Detention is for disciplinary uses; many kids think it’s okay to get detention because the teachers are so lenient and let them do things that they’re not supposed to do. A good thing about detention is it allows you to catch up on makeup work which helps you bring your grades up. Detention isn’t necessarily terrible in my eyes; however, there is several cons of having detention. There are several things a kid can do to end up in detention. However, all the things that lead to detention are negative. Some of the negative things kids tend to do that result to them going to detention are: fighting, cussing, being disruptive in class, back talking, skipping classes and many other things. Detention isn’t supposed to be fun. Detention is supposed to make you learn…show more content…
Why would anyone want to pretty much reward someone for bad behavior? I mean that pretty much is what they’re doing by letting kids just go to meditation after doing something wrong. I’m a strong believer that meditation can be helpful in situations. However, those situations aren’t to correct behavioral problems but to help release stress and I also think it would be good for people to do when feeling depressed. The reason I think meditation isn’t a good source to punish kids for behavioral issues is because some people find yoga fun and several kids would just do things to get in trouble so they could go to meditation class. Detention in my eyes is the best idea in a situation like this. However, I also believe that it should depend on the kid and how they react to things; because if they out lash they should go to detention but if they get sad and depressed they should go to meditation but yet still later serve

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