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Detoxification or Detox as it is more commonly known is the process of removing unwanted toxins from the body. Detox in essence is just a full body cleanse; by using our juicer we can create fantastic tasting recipes that can help us achieve a much healthier body. By consuming juices we will be replacing all the unwanted toxins with beneficial vitamins and enzymes that will help us function that much better. There are three main organs that are generally the targets of Detox and I will take you through each of them offering you a variety of juice recipes that will help you. These organs are The Colon, Liver & Kidneys. The Colon is the final visiting place for solid wastes before we excrete them. The best way to keep our colon in tip top condition is by incorporating more fibre into our diet, so make sure you stick to…show more content…
Your best bet is to eliminate sugary foods from your diet. The only real sugar that will be beneficial to your system can be found in fruits and vegetables. This is called probiotic sugar. What many people however don't realise is that there is years of build up of solid waste just sitting inside our colons and every so often it needs a good clean, incorporating Ginger Root or Fennel into your juices will work wonders if you are trying to keep your colon clean. Carrot Juice is one of the best juices out there for colon detoxification. All you need to do is whack a few carrots into your juicer and juice away. These vegetables contain a whole load of Vitamin A which will keep your colon well lubricated. They are also high in fibre which will improve the flow of faeces through your system. Juicing a combination of Apples and Pears will also work wonders for those that suffer from constipation. To kick start your colon cleaning process I suggest you combine 4 carrots, an apple and a lemon. This simple and inexpensive recipe will work wonders for your

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