The Pros And Cons Of Diarrhea

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Nothing can really beat dogs when it comes to loyalty aside from our family. They are also helpful to us when it comes to pulling loads, herding, hunting, protection, companionship, assisting the police and military, and they can also help handicapped persons. There are really numerous times that dogs are helpful and useful to us. These things are known to be done by humans but how impressive is it, that dogs can do it too, for us too.
Same as humans, dogs also need a lot of care. They need to be washed, fed and cared. Dogs also have feelings like humans. They can also feel pain, happiness and they also get sick. However, dogs cannot tell us if they are feeling sick, which is why, we need to be observant on our pet dogs. We are happy because we love our dogs but we fail to notice that they are already experiencing pain inside their body.
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Diarrhea cannot only happen in humans but in dogs as well. It is characterized by frequent loose bowel movements. Diarrhea is sometimes caused by the change in diet or illness or uncharacterized infection. Diarrhea can occur suddenly in short period, or it may last for weeks or months, and sometimes, it will occur off and on. Diarrhea is not that much a concern in dogs but if it continues, it will lead to dehydration or it may be a symptom of a worse infection or disease. There are two types of diarrhea for dogs. If the diarrhea suddenly occurs, it is called acute. If the diarrhea lasts for certain period of time such as days or weeks, it is called chronic. Acute diarrhea is sometimes a reaction towards something that the dog ate. They also have tendencies that they eat anything that may not be good for them and that is called the scavenger tendencies. The dog’s intestinal tract is designed to handle things that are not good for them but they will get rid of it immediately. And the result is diarrhea. Acute and Chronic diarrhea is sometimes caused by the following:
• Food

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