The Pros And Cons Of Digital Marketing

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What is the Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices computer, smart phones, cell phones, tablets to engage with stakeholders. Digital marketing applies technologies such as websites, e-mail, apps (mobile) and social networks. Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing. Numerous companies use a combination of long-established and digital marketing channels. Digital marketing Agency is often referred to as 'online marketing ' or 'internet marketing '.
Internet marketing agencies take up various forms of digital advertising mediums such as internet, social media network, mobile, etc, to help brands and reach out to customers. It is seen as one of the best methods of communicating to
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Online advertising
Online advertising involves placing banner ads on a website/portal. One can select websites/portals based on what sites/portals they think are relevant for advertising their product/service.
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a way for a company to sell its products through some shopping portals or signing up individuals or companies ("affiliates") who market the company 's products for a commission.
Affiliate marketing can be somewhat similar to online advertising, except that the website hosting the advert will be pay only when a sale is made. Numerous affiliates make money through simple links, e-mail marketing, or even developing ecommerce shops with affiliate products.
Text messaging
Mobile marketing is one of the major growth areas in digital marketing. The enlarged usage of smart phones around the world has resulted in a greater addiction on them for fast and timely information.
Blogging, RSS & News Feeds
Blogging strategy brings together SEO, PR, social media and web design. A good quality blog will be one that attracts natural, organic traffic by effective keyword research, as well as social traffic. It will be well designed, and it will have a reliable voice that makes it instantly

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