The Pros And Cons Of Direct Democracy

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Now, there are a lot of people was worried about the system, because there are too many problems of their government. And also huge people complain about the racism and the guns. So there are some representatives want to use the direct democracy like some old country such as ancient Greek. On the other hand, direct democracy is not a good chose for America. Now I will tell you that why direct democracy is not work in America. On May 14, 1607, there are 105 colonists arrived at Jamestown who were support by the Virginia company. There didn’t have a government to limit them so they do something very bad such as fight with each other and eat them when food is really absent. Because of unlimited, colonists want to be rich fast so they often attack the Indians. It will never have a good end because the hostility has been provoked. So now, many Americans do not know Jamestown. There are many kinds of political system in the world. First, let us talk about the theocracy. Theocracy is a kind of political system which is based on the person who controls the religion. What the pope said is true and we should abide by it. Its same as the political system which is called dictatorship but it just control by the religion. Second we should discuss about is oligarchy. The meaning about oligarch is that little people control the whole country. Like England, a few of noblemen had forced the king of England to agree with the Great Charter. This event let the England change from dictatorship
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