The Pros And Cons Of Disney Monopoly

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In the past decade, The Walt Disney Corporation has dominated the entertainment industry and has purchased popular and recognizable properties in the entertainment business (“Mouse-Opoly”). Disney has a great understanding of what the audience wants before they even dream of it themselves. However, with Disney’s recent purchases consumers have become concerned that Disney is monopolizing the entertainment industry. Before continuing it is important understand the definition of monopoly that I am using to make my claim. According to Merriam-Webster, a monopoly is corporation that has “complete control of the entire supply of goods or services in a certain area of market” (“Mouse-Opoly”). The Walt Disney Corporation is a monopoly, otherwise known as a mouse-opoly, that has gained control by using a combination of economic and political methods and has in turn consumed the entertainment industry.…show more content…
Over spring break this year I went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to visit my girlfriend Kate, who is participating in a program where college students from all around the world get the opportunity to work with Disney for a semester. Her job is ‘Merchantainment’ in Adventureland and Liberty Square within the Magic Kingdom Park. She sells merchandise, stocks shelves, and ‘makes magic’ in shops like the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Momento Mori shop, and the Ye’Old Christmas Shoppe as well as other shops in the area. Part of my mission on this vacation, besides going to spend time with her, was to gain insight and information about the Disney Corporation from both the employee side and the guest side. I will be using my experiences and findings from this trip in an attempt to prove that Disney is on the verge of becoming a modern-day monopoly of the entertainment

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