The Pros And Cons Of Distracted Driving

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Each year, drivers who use cell phones cause 1.6 million car accidents and nearly 330,000 injuries. Considering that cell phones are one of the greatest items to happen, it make stuff easier to accomplish without having to do much effort, communicating with anyone around the world, but there should be a limit when it could endanger other people’s lives. It is not only the phones that drivers are distracted by, it is also foods, drinks, conversing, and listening to loud music. Someone can lose their life due to a simple act such as texting and taking a selfie while driving. There are numerous cases that involve a person getting hurt or worse, killed, thanks to a driver being distracted. Clearly, the government and lawmakers need to create stronger laws to eliminate all…show more content…
It instituted a complete ban on the use of any type of handheld electronic device while driving, thereby prohibiting handheld uses such as reading, composing, or sending any type of text, image , or data message while behind the wheel. (“Distracted Driving” 2) “A truck driver was busy talking on the phone that he lost control and collided with a van that has 11 people inside. Both of the 11 people and truck driver died because the truck driver failed to control his vehicle” (Hart 2). Innocent people are dying because other individuals want to take a selfie or talk to someone about what they are about to do or where they are going. “The NHTSA reports that in 2015, 10 percent of crashes involving injuries, and 14 percent of all crashes reported by police were directly or indirectly caused by driver distraction. That year, 3,477 people were killed and approximately 391,000 people were injured on American roads as a result of distracted driving” (“Distracted Driving”
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