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Distributed Networking is a distributed computing network system, said to be "distributed" when the computer programming and the data to be worked on are spread out over more than one computer, usually over a network. Prior to low-cost computer power on the desktop, computing was centralized. Although such centers still exist, distribution networking applications and data operate more efficiently over a mix of desktop workstations, local area network servers, regional servers, Web servers, and other servers. A popular trend has been client/server computing which is simply the view that a client computer can provide certain capabilities for a user and request others from other computers that provide services for the clients. A distributed network consists of one or more applications spread over several computers. These computers may be geographically separated from one another.…show more content…
Recent advances in low-power, high-performance processors and medium to high-speed wireless networking have enabled new applications for ad hoc and sensor networks, ranging from large-scale environmental data collection to coordinated battlefront and disaster-relief operations. Ad hoc networking applications differ from traditional applications in three fundamental ways. First, ad hoc networking applications are inherently distributed. Operating on a distributed platform requires mechanisms for remote communication, naming, and migration. Second, ad hoc networks are typically highly dynamic and resource-limited. Liuet. al. [LIU 2005] describes the design and implementation of distributed operating system for ad hoc networks. Proposed system simplifies the programming of ad hoc network and extends total system lifetime by making the entire network appear as a single virtual

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