The Pros And Cons Of Dogs

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Did you know that dogs have been humans' companions for thousands of years? The interesting thing about it is that wolves were once against humans at one point. But humans and wolves teamed together to form one of the strongest bonds in today's world. Dogs were also only used for work years age and were not declared "important" animals like cows or horses. There were not even veterinarians to take care of the dogs, and stores didn't even supply dog food. So back then in the years, dogs were basically workers that no one cared about, but that changed when people and dogs teamed up. Dogs today are like family to everyone, dogs are just another piece of the family also. Some people even cook their dog gourmet meals instead of regular dog food. But a family member or a fierce working dog, they have come a long way working and being with humans for a long time.

During the ice age period it was hard for humans to survive. Animals were dangerous predators towards humans 35,000 years past. Animals were threats to humans and with the harsh weather, people did not stand a chance. Dogs were once fierce wolves that threatened humans by sometimes preying on
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Before dogs became the family member and best friend to people they are today, they were wolves in the wild eating the food in human' camps. Dogs back in the past, were basically just used for work and not thought about or cared for. But now today, people treat dogs way better than before. People feed their dogs actual food and give them proper exercise, and there are veterinarians trained to care just for dogs. Have you ever been to a special doctor or salon specialized just for fixing your nails? Some people have even took dog to the extreme to groom their dogs' nails. There are some stores that people can get all types of food, treats, and toys just for dogs. Do you have a friendly dog, or do you have a fierce work
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