Pros And Cons Of 9/11

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It was just another regular working day in New York City, when an American Airlines Boeing 767 crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Centre, soon followed by a United Airlines flight crashing into the south tower. The devastation was not just limited to New York. A third plane flew into a wing of the Pentagon, right outside Washington DC, while another crashed at a field in Pennsylvania. America was witnessing its most dreadful attack. The death of more than 3000 people had left the country scarred for years to come. September 11, 2001 was a defining moment, not just for America but for the world at large. The attacks that were claimed by the Islamic radical organisation “Al-Qaeda” would change the global order of things forever.…show more content…
The band stops all tourists from six majority Muslim countries from entering the U.S for atleast 90 days and all refugees for at least 120 days unless they already have a visa or have a bona fide relatuibshop with a person or organization in America. Trump’s bans could almost be over by the time the court hears the case. Trump called the Supreme Court’s decision a clear victory for our national security and he did title it “ Protecting the nation from Forign Terrorist entry into the United states”. After the first ban was put on hold by a judge in Washington and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Trump signed what was in his words quote “ watered down” version with the same…show more content…
It tends to alienate muslims even if they are not in the seven countries and people outside those countries now have no idea of what’s going to happen. Most of the world’s Muslims are not in the middle east. A substantial number are in Africa. But others are strategic partners in Asia, Indonesia. India is a country that has a large numbr of muslims. Iraq is one strategic partner that is bearing most of the burden in the fight against ISIS. And has lost thousands of soldiers along the way. It’s a country that the US needs on its side. But Iraq is one of the countries included in the ban and they are not happy. When you are essentially fighting side by side with Iraqi troops to ban all entry into Iraq, makes no sense in any way because you are alienating a partner. In three other banned countris, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, the US has a small military presence to moniter terror groups and conduct counter terror operations. Thus the message you are sending to all of these countries is that regardless of who they are, how much they cooperate with the Unites States, they are going to be excluded. The U.S also counts on a border coalition of security allies for intelligence sharing and other counterterrorism operations. Every one of these countries are musim majority nations and many have spoken against the ban. “the move will not affect terrorists, however it will increase the

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