The Pros And Cons Of Doping In Sports

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There has been a gigantic measure of scholastic and open civil argument throughout the years about doping and there are many people that are tending to it. Doping is a perplexing issue, everyone is still trying to understand how and why it happens, and how to avoid it. At the point when competitors choose to do this not only are they putting their wellbeing in danger, they are being unjustifiable, and it conflicts with the guidelines. Besides doping hurting the competitors who are engaging in it, doping also hurts the competitors who chooses not to. Would you believe that most athletes don’t see a problem with doping? Many individuals may take a gander at it as it is not as awful as everybody makes it appear and there are a couple of pros that was displayed for this contention, however the cons exceed the…show more content…
Coercion is the act of persuading someone to do something by force. In this case it would coaches trying to persuade their athletes. Athletes feel like they must meet a certain standard made by their coaches or someone over them just to participate in the sport of their choice. This can leave an athlete feeling like they have no other choice besides using drugs to make them better. “Some have argued that at the elite level of certain sports, namely weight lifting, field events in track, bodybuilding, and perhaps the line positions in football, an athlete either uses steroids or will not be able to compete effectively.” (Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 1973 & 1989). Although being told by your coach, someone whom you have bestowed so much trust in, that you will not be great unless you take drugs is inappropriate, it is still the athletes decision at the end of the day, but how are they supposed to feel after they are pressured? What are athlete’s options to choose from when they are presented with this problem, just give in so they can play their sport? William J. Morgan
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