Argumentative Essay About Dreams

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Dreaming is a huge part of people’s lives. Dreams happen to everybody and are different to everybody. They tell a lot about a person’s life. Dreams are viewed differently by so many people. People have opinions on what makes dreams happen, what dreams are, and what they mean. The way our brain creates a dream is fascinating and interests many people. People have always viewed dreams differently. Humans will always disagree and have a different opinion than another person. One disagreement is dreams. People argue about what dreams really are and what they mean. The “why we dream argument see dreams as only nonsense that the brain creates from fragments of images and memory” (Obringer). On this side of the argument dreams are viewed as tricks of the mind that just seem to happen. Other people believe differently. Some people believe dreams have meaning even if we don’t recognize it at first. “Many think dreams are full of symbolic messages that may not be clear to us on the surface” (Obringer). Even though there are two sides of the argument people have agreed you can tell about a person life through viewing their common dreams. There are a number of common dreams that people have looked into. They view them and study them to see if it…show more content…
They don’t understand what their brain is doing. It doesn’t make sense to why people’s brains are so active when they’re sleeping. People don’t think about what their brain is doing. Dreams seem to draw you in, they can be extremely intense. “They can have vivid images of people you think you’ve forgotten. And they can be emotionally intense, even though you might wake up totally calm” (Shamsian). Some people scream in their sleep and wake up crying which is evidence to how intense some people’s dreams are. Brains are extremely active when people are sleeping even if they don’t recognize it. People don’t think about what parts of the brain are being used and why they are being
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