The Pros And Cons Of Drinking And Driving

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"It 's your call CAB or CELL" is an advertisement again drinking and driving along with the other three visuals beside it. They are all advertising the different possible situations that can happen while intoxicated. The second picture is a very curvy road, this visual represents what your brain is processing while intoxicated. The third image, they are showing a car drawn on the what seems to be a beer can. The crushed can is representing a collision that could happen. The last visual is a destroyed car thrown into many pieces to make a martini glass. This visual is showing you that many different accidents can happen while under the influence of alcohol. There have been way too many deaths and accidents happen while drinking and driving. The ads I have choose have very powerful meanings behind them. It makes people think twice before they get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Many families have been torn apart because of a careless drunk driver or was the driver intoxicated and is now in jail because of it.…show more content…
The problem with drinking and driving is that people are unaware on how easily accidents can happen. Most of the time it isn 't the drunk driver that gets injured, it is the innocent people that are just driving home or to work, those are the people that are either hospitalized or much worse. "Every day about 800 people are injured in a drunk driving crash". Accidents happen every day; most people just do not realize how much they have drank or are too selfish to call a cab and ended up getting arrested or causing a car accident. "Every 2 minutes, someone is injured in drunk driving crash. Every 51 minutes, someone is
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