Water Quality In Daily Life

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All water is reused. It may be used and used again in its journey from deposition as rain to eventual mixing with the sea (James and Edward, 2006). There is no doubt that water is essential in our daily life. The water we drink every day, is it safe to drink? Water quality is measure by several factors, such as the concentration of dissolved oxygen, bacteria levels, the amount of salt or the amount of suspended material in the water. The concentration of microscopic algae and quantities of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other contaminants also factors to measured water quality. Experts have worked internationally including in the United State for the past decades and have designed the term Water Quality Index (WQI) in the need for…show more content…
Poor water quality can pose a health risk for people and ecosystems. Some research link high levels of lead in drinking water can affect in physical and mental development, short attention spans, and difficulties of learning in children. There was also evidence that arsenic in drinking water can lead to nerve, heart, skin, and blood vessel damage. Stream quality or other water sources might be improved enough by removal of BOD and suspended solids (Delzer,G.C. and McKenzie,S.W , 2003).

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Biochemical oxygen demand represents the environmental procedure to determine the quantity of oxygen consumed by bacteria and other microorganisms while they decompose organic matter under aerobic conditions at a certain temperature over a specific time period. Oxygen demand is a measure of the amount of oxidizable substances in a water sample that can lower DO concentrations (Nemerow, 1974; Tchobanoglous and Schroeder, 1985). The amount of dissolved oxygen in rivers and streams affected by BOD. Temperature, pH, the presence of certain kinds of microorganisms, and the type of organic and inorganic material in the water are the variables that gives effect to the rate of oxygen consumption. The greater the BOD indicates

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