The Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars

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Allowing driverless cars gain access to our society

Tesla, Google, Nissan and other companies now shifted their focus on driverless cars. However, the issue of allowing driverless cars access into our community has been broadly debated in our society. It is a significant matter because it concerns the street development and road safety of how we drive in the future. Towards this particular subject there has been a range of different arguments that have been put forward. Robotic cars should enter society because they are convenient. They will improve road safety, decrease street traffic, reduce human errors on the road and time will be saved, making the journey enjoyable.

There are many advantages which robotic cars have to offer. However, the most important one is that they will improve road safety for motorists. A study was conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that in 2014 ninety-three percent of road accidents happened because of driver errors. Individuals sometimes make incorrect decisions. For example, they drive when they are exhausted, which eventually may cause a car accident; however, changes could happen now due to driverless vehicles. Unlike humans driverless cars do not get distracted nor bored nor take their eyes off the road while driving. People now could arrive to their destination safely, without them needing to worry about the risks on the road. If the community switched to
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