The Pros And Cons Of Driving

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Falling asleep behind the wheel, texting, drunk driving, eating, doing your make up are some of the many other things we do when we drive. These are issues that we must deal with when getting on the road, whether you are a good driver or not, you cannot expect the driver next to you to as careful as you are. A very important question arises from this issue, should cars become fully self-driven? Think about the benefits, you can sleep on the way to work, you can text, and brush your hair and do other things you wouldn’t be able to do if you were driving. This is what automobile companies trying to do and also are starting to see a shift in the younger generations by not wanting cars. This is not to say they don’t need them but the want to own one is slowing diminishing.…show more content…
I found it on the technology tab and it is 49.08 minutes long with a rating of 8.3 picked this documentary because aside from the cover catching my attention with the Back to the Future car, I like cars and technology. I like to build motors and work on upgrades, I do maintenance on my own car. I’ve seen a big change in the way cars are made because when I do maintenance on my new car, I have to deal with all sort of sensors that I wouldn’t normally have with an older car. Although, I drive an automatic car I prefer manual transmission and if I had it my way I would only buy
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