The Pros And Cons Of Drone Strikes

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Our Innocent Lives At Stake

A drone strike can kill a person in one room of a house, also people in the room next door, to even across the street like a school. There has been cases where the drones have had civilians attacked while along the intended target. These were all unplanned deaths, all innocent deaths. I oppose the use of drones in warfare. From all the drone strikes killing innocent people or putting their lives at stake and ours, is a horrendous movement, that’s why in my opinion I think we shouldn’t have drones.

On April 3 of 2014 a drone slammed into the ground right next to an elementary school, the students weren’t in school at the time, but surely if they were, they would’ve been injured or dead. In Yemen and Pakistan, 1,147 people including children, were killed in U.S. drone strikes targeting 41 suspected terrorists on the top secret U.S. “kill list”. The word “suspected” is a word in my opinion, meaning not 100% sure, in this case the U.S. didn’t know 100% for sure if the targets were terrorists. This causing already a conflict between many different nations...if one is not sure then why strike?

In 2013, 65% of Americans supported launching “airstrikes in other countries against suspected
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safer by decimating terrorist networks across the world. Drones kill fewer civilians, as a percentage of total fatalities, than any other military weapon. Drone strikes are legal under international law. These are all points that get one thinking that drones are okay, but little do they know that there are thousands of innocent lives being killed by strikes that weren’t even supposed to be attacking them. The voters for using drones don’t fully know what’s on the other side of using them, if we use them this will trigger many people, victims of ones who got hit on accident and more. This will trigger people to thinking that we’re the real terrorists, that this is terrorism which will cause them wanting to attack us
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