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Drones The subject of drones is very controversial. On one hand, you have the pro-drone people, a group that among others include the majority of the American people as per 07/15/2014 (1), Barack Obama the current president of the United States and the majority of citizens in Kenya, Israel and Nigeria. On the other hand, you have largely the rest of the American people and an abundance of countries consisting of both first and third world countries. Why is the majority of the American people for the use of drones when such a large number of countries are against it? This, along with the pros and cons of drones I will discuss in this essay plus some possible uses for drones in the future. The United States had made many allies all over the world throughout the country’s history, especially after the Second World War. However, one cannot make a lot of friends without making a few enemies, some of the enemies the US has made includes terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda, and The Taliban referred to in daily speech as “the terrorists”. The US, and by association other countries in the western world, are targets of terrorist attacks planned and executed by terrorist organisations and in order to defend itself against such attacks the US has employed several drones in countries like Pakistan where the US is in an…show more content…
Some say that the US are in their full right to use drones strikes since it complies with international law, specifically the law of war, as long as the US and the target are in an armed conflict or if the target constitutes an imminent threat to national security. Since the US is in an armed conflict with terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda, they may lawfully use drone strikes whether the target is on the battlefield or not (3). Some, however, say that the drone strikes are illegal as they violate the basic human rights, such as the right to live as well as violating international humanitarian

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