The Pros And Cons Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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I believe that that dropping the atomic bomb was justifiable and the United States made a good decision dropping it. The United States and Japan had been going at it for almost five years, it had to come to an end. Japan did not only resist, they also unleashed kamikaze attacks at Okinawa; They also ignored the calls for them to surrender Japan should of seen it coming... If you think about it if the atomic bombs weren’t used there would've actually been more lives lost. Dropping the atomic bombs actually saved lives even though a lot of people have a different opinion on the matter.
In matter of fact, Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been firebombed anyhow way before any land invasion occurred. Using the bombs ended the war faster, which led to saving more lives if the war had not been ended so quickly. FIREBOMBS ! Those actually killed a lot of people from between 80,000 and 100,000 people and those bombs would have continued till the war was over. If you compare all those lives lost plus more deaths if the war hadn’t ended so quickly the atomic bomb actually killed less people compared to the firebombs. Japan was willing
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For example, Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor without any type of warning therefore bringing the U.S. into World War 2. And yet the United States did give Japan a warning to surrender but they didn’t want to. Japanese did many cruel things during World War 2 against the Chinese and Koreans in Singapore and also against their British prisoners which were starved and beaten. No human being should ever go through that no matter the circumstance, I totally don’t side with Japan on that.
In conclusion, did you know that Japan also had a secret atomic bomb and no doubt about it that the Japanese would have used it. The United States just beat the Japanese to it and in result saved many lives for that i think dropping the atomic bombs was
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