The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction Is The Disease

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"Drug addiction is the disease. Recovery is the choice." (Addiction). A disease is a condition that is brought with medical care, which means no matter what the addict will see effects even after recovery. Drug addiction is chronic, usually causing a disease called relapsing brain disease. This disease makes the addict to do compulsive drug seeking and even use. It can cause you bodily harm. Other types of diseases that are known as chronic is asthma and diabetes. It is not a choice to have the drug or alcohol addiction, but it is a disease, because it can cause the addicts to make bad decisions and make the mind and body function incorrectly.

The cost of drugs and alcohol are very expensive in most cases. If an addict gets arrested with a possession of the drug, he or she will have to find a way to pay their way out of the trouble they have gotten themselves into. Recovery, if the addict wants the help, it will cost a good amount of money to cover everything and find a good place to get help.
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Most addicts lack willpower if they are addicted to the drug. Even when they see the harm to their bodies and minds, they will continue to use the drugs because they become addicted to the way it makes them feel. It can make them feel good or bad. The user knows that the drugs are bad and sometimes they do not want to be addicted, but the addiction can be taken by the inability of sleep. When you have a disease caused by addiction, there is not a way that is quick to fix the

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