The Pros And Cons Of Drug Legalization

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Should drugs be legalized? Do you know what is a drug? There are 2 definitions of a drug based on Oxford Dictionary (2008), drug are an illegal substance such as cocaine or heroin, which used for pleasure. Another definition of the drug is a substance used as a medicine. It shows that drug use has 2 sides, which is used for good things such as medicine and bad things such as opium. However, there is a lot of drug abuse these days. National Institute on Drug Abuse (2015) indicated that in 2013, an estimated 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older which is 9,4 percent of the population had used an illicit drug in the past month. This paper will talk about the reason why drugs should not be legalized such as increasing drug demand, lead to more addiction for the addicts, and harmful both for user and society.

First of all, legalization of drugs would increase drug demand. “Legalization, by removing penalties and reducing the price, would increase drug demand. Make something easier and cheaper to obtain, and you increase the number of people who will try it,” said Walters (2002). This is why, if drugs were legalized, it will not make the situation better but make it worse. There will be no penalties anymore and the price of the drug will be cheaper. People will always try to use something which exists around the society with a cheap price and easy to obtain. It would increase drug demand because it allows people to consume them freely and it would be a daily need for them,
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