Argumentative Essay: The Impact Of Drug Testing On Welfare

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Thirty-five percent of Americans recieve help from welfare every day, and if we drug test them that number would suddenly drop. Some individuals claim that drug testing would help individuals by putting them into treatment; however, there are several reasons why drug testing would not help recipients. While drug testing could recognize the individuals who need help, problems would be caused such as impacts on the person, the cost, and other impacts such as on children and poverty levels. I A. First, drug testing will cause problems with the money people are receiving. If the test is positive the recipient will have reduced income and they may not get any income at all (US Department of Health and Human Services 8). Once a person is declined…show more content…
Next, drug testing recipients is not a good use for taxpayer money. Florida started enforcing drug tests so taxpayers would know their money was not being wasted. and of the 800 people tested, only one person tested positive (Cunha). If they tested 800 people and only one tested positive-that is a waste of money. Drug testing individuals costs more than it saves (Cunha). Florida paid to drug test 800 people and they only saved money by declining one person so it was a huge waste. Estimated cost of drug testing varies by state and proposed law. The estimated cost for the 12 states that have drug tested is $92,487 (US Health and Human Services 7). These 12 states have spent a total of $92,487 dollars and for what? So they can find out that a couple people have substance abuse. Money is also added for states to hire people to administer the tests (Health and Human Services 7). So that means states already have to pay for the tests themselves and then add more taxpayer money on top of that to hire people to give the tests. Florida and Alabama have proposed that the recipient should have to pay for the test instead (US Health and Human Services). But how is it fair that they should have to pay for the test if there is no reason for them to be tested. In the end the cost of drug testing and testing all approved applicants was between 1.2 and 1.3 million dollars (US Health and Human Services). Drug testing individuals is not worth the money in the end because most people will not test positive. Most people tend to forget that most people receiving aid also are taxpayers. In 2010, nearly half the poor mother or near poor mothers were at least working part time (Cunha). If the people receiving aid are paying for the drug tests to they would probably rather keep that money then have it be wasted. Drug testing recipients is a waste of money since the government would be wasting more money on giving the tests then they would be
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