Legalizing Drugs Argumentative Analysis

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Drug use is an issue that affects individuals, families, communities, and all levels of government, not just in the United States, but also around the world (Hart, Ksir 2015). According to Carl Hart and Charles Ksir, the word “drug” can be defined as “any substance, natural or artificial, other than food, that by its chemical nature alters structure or function in the living organism” (Hart, Ksir 2015). As human beings, one is naturally curious about the different things in society and may have an urge to experience those things themselves. In regard to illegal drugs, individuals may want to experience it and the effect on it may have eon them since it varies by each individual. In the United States, the drug rate is extreme and is increasingly…show more content…
This paper will aim to present the opposite and include several arguments about why illicit drugs should not be legalized.
The country is undoubtedly in the midst of one of the most devastating drug abuse eras that the United States has ever seen. Heroin, by itself or, more likely, laced with fentanyl or carfentanil, along with pharmaceutical opioids, is causing thousands of overdoses
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Addiction can result in lasting physical and emotional issues that may affect other aspects of an individual’s life. A number of psychological issues can occur from substance abuse, which include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, paranoia, etc. (Exploring the Long, 2017). According to Hart and Ksir, psychological dependence is indicated by the high rate of drug use, craving for the drug, and a tendency to relapse after stopping use (Hart, Ksir 2015). On the other hand, an individual can suffer from long-term physical effects of addiction as well. Some of the long-term physical health effects from drug addiction include but not limited to liver damage, kidney damage, lung damage, and heart damage (Exploring the Long, 2017). Lastly, in addition to those long-term physical and psychological effects of addiction, those who suffer from addiction are often at risk of suffering from an overdose. Long-term substance abuse leads to tolerance, which then leads to using increased doses. In turn, leads to increased risks of overdose, which can lead to
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