The Pros And Cons Of Drugs In Sports

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The nature of sports is the passion and desire to win, the habit of competition is second nature to us humans and most athlete’s would do anything to come out on top of their opponents. However the decision is up to us to chose whether we want to make the right decision or wrong. Most would take the time and improve by working hard this being mentally and physically, however there are some athlete’s who would rather take the easy way out and use drugs to improve their skills. This is where drug abuse takes place, mostly athlete’s take the drugs so they can have the edge on their opponents so they have a better chance to win. Therefore My is that drug abuse should be banned from sports permanently due to the harmful effects it has on the athlete’s and the spirit of sports. People might argue otherwise but taking drugs to better your performance is sports can relate to a student cheating on a test without even studying for it, while other students put in the effort to study hard so they can try to earn a good grade. The use of cheating to benefit is unfair to those who put in the time and effort. However, Performance enhancing drugs have been around where it was used by the greeks in ancient times, sadly the effects of ped hasn 't changed, and athletes to this day still use it too better their performance. For example, Barry Bonds was one of baseballs best hitters ever, putting up video game stats and holding records. Unfortunately Bonds was in the 2007 scandal of using
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